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Kings Park am Hochkönig

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Kings Park am Hochkönig

Hochkönig / Maria Alm - Dienten - Mühlbach - Ski amade

Blue Tomato Kings Park am Hochkönig - Der Snowpark hat eine Länge von 1,8 km.

The endless royal shred paradise

The Shred-Queens and Shred-Kings among us can start digging their boards and skis out of the closet, dust them off, and polish them, since the Kings Park Hochkönig will be opening its majestic doors soon.

Three diverse areas for your shred sessions
At an altitude of 1750m above sea level and a total length of 1.8 km, 67 royal elements await the riders. The Kings Park is a shredder's paradise, divided into three areas - perfectly suited for every rider level. Thrilling rails, jibs, and butter boxes are waiting for you in the welcome area. You will find a variety of obstacles in the slope area. The main area has a massive setup and is defined by majestic kickers and jib waves.

Aren't we all eagerly waiting for our park runs after the past two shortened seasons? This year "soak up the park" will be our motto! This means, getting a taste of the park air and realising your shred dreams! Which tricks are on your shred bucket list for this season? Whether it's boardslides or a backflip - you'll find the right setup in Kings Park. See you there!

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Smučišče Hochkönig / Maria Alm - Dienten - Mühlbach - Ski amade

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Danes, 23:23
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Kings Park am Hochkönig

Nadmorska višina
2100 m
1.800 m

From the beginner's line to proline - there is something to shred for all freestylers. The sunny hillside location provides the perfect conditions to restore your energy and enjoy the good vibes.

Slope Area Post Box Down/Flat/Down 12m (Rail)
Main Area Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Main Area Jump Kicker 7m (Kicker)
Main Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Welcome Area Tube Down 5m (Pipeslide)
Main Area Tube Flat 6m (Pipeslide)
Slope Area Jump Kicker 9m (Kicker)
Welcome Area Rail Down 6m (Rail)
Welcome Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Slope Area Jump Corner 10m (Kicker)
Slope Area Tube Cannon 6m (Pipeslide)
Slope Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Main Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Main Area Tube Step 6m (Pipeslide)
Slope Area Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Slope Area Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Welcome Area Rail Flat 5m (Rail)
Main Area Jib Bonk 1m (Specials)
Main Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Main Area Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Slope Area Jib Multi Jib 12m (Specials)
Slope Area Jump Hip 10m (Kicker)
Slope Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Slope Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Slope Area Tube Coping 7m (Pipeslide)
Slope Area Tube Down 5m (Pipeslide)
Welcome Area Box XXL Dancefloor 3m (Box)
Welcome Area Butter Box Rainbow 3m (Box)
Welcome Area Jib Wallride 3m (Specials)
Main Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Slope Area Box Flat/Down 6m (Box)
Slope Area Box Up/Down 3m (Box)
Slope Area Jib Trash Can 1m (Specials)

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Park Size
Park Designer
Daniel Osterland / QParks
Ocenjevanje 4,3
10 Ocene
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