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BERGFEX: Smučišče Schöneben - Reschenpass - Smučarski dopust Schöneben - Reschenpass - Wintersportgebiet Schöneben - Reschenpass

Smučišče Schöneben - Reschenpass

Schöneben - Reschenpass

1.500 - 2.350m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Schöneben - Reschenpass

Novosti Schöneben - Reschenpass

Der Snowpark Schöneben hat eine schöne Überraschung für euch parat. Das Set-Up bekommt heuer ein massives Upgrade!

Smučišče Schöneben - Reschenpass

At Resia/Reschen, near the tri-border area where South Tyrol, North Tyrol and the Engadine meet, you’ll find the sun-drenched ski resort of Belpiano/Schöneben, one of South Tyrol’s most popular family ski areas. Belpiano means “beautiful plain” in Italian, and the ski area really lives up to its name. With seven lifts, snow coverage well into spring, and nice broad runs, Belpiano offers a wide array of options to families, snowboarders, ski tourers and leisure skiers. And at nearby Resia Lake with his Romanesque church tower there are great opportunities for ice skating, kiting and ice sailing.

With the two country skiarena, skiers of all ages have the opportunity to enjoy the ski areas in North and South Tyrol, from Nauders on the Resia Pass to Solda/Sulden in the Venosta Valley, with no limit. This ticket is valid in six ski areas, providing access to 211 kilometres of slopes. Visitors may choose between a multi-day pass and a season ticket. Other offers include the flexi ski passes, special week prices and family ski passes for unlimited use in the following six ski areas: Belpiano/Schöneben, Malga S. Valentino/Haider Alm, Watles, Solda allOrtles/Sulden am Ortler, Trafoi all'Ortles/Trafoi am Ortler and Nauders in Austria.

The two country skiarena will be available for purchase in all six ski areas.

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Kontakt Smučišče Schöneben - Reschenpass

Smučišče Schöneben - Reschenpass

Altdorf, I-39027 Reschen

+39 0473 633 333
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+39 0473 633333
+39 0473 633 333
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