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BERGFEX: Smučišče Saint Lary Soulan - Smučarski dopust Saint Lary Soulan - Wintersportgebiet Saint Lary Soulan

Smučišče Saint Lary Soulan

Saint Lary Soulan

1.700 - 2.515m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Saint Lary Soulan

Novosti Saint Lary Soulan

Un plaisir unique à partager en famille !

Avec le nouveau télésiège des Bouleaux, c'est un domaine redessiné qui s'offre à vous : un nouvel espace totalement conçu pour l'apprentissage de la glisse avec un nouveau départ pour cette partie du domaine skiable.

Retrouvez des espaces modulés pour découvrir les premières sensations de glisse et permettre une progression dans l’apprentissage du ski. Le jardin des neiges pour les tout petits, les pistes de ski sécurisées, les pistes de luge 0 à 6 ans et + de 6 ans, l’espace de glisse ludique «KIDPARK» destiné aux skieurs en herbe. Ce sont aussi tous les commerces et l’animation d’une station au pied des pistes. L’accès se fait directement par le Téléphérique, la Télécabine ou par la route (11 km).

Smučišče Saint Lary Soulan

In the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, in the Aure Valley, Saint-Lary is a family winter sport resort of international fame. It offers one of the greatest skiing domains of the French Pyrenees spread over three inter-connected sectors, at different altitudes and exposures, for everyone's enjoyment. Choosing Saint-Lary means you will fall under the typical and preserved charm of a Pyrenean village, located at 800 m of altitude, chosen to receive the Famille Plus label.

Saint-Lary gathers the best aspects of life in the mountains and Pyrenean scenery, a happy alliance between water, sun and the warm welcome of its inhabitants.

Saint Lary is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the Pyrenees, wit over 100 km of slopes and thirty ski lifts, where snow cover is guaranteed by more than 270 new snow machines.

Saint Lary is divided in Three different zones
Saint-Lary 1700, is also known as the Pla d'Adet. This is the historical part of Saint-Lary, where ski lifts depart from the village, in front of most of the medium altitude accommodations. This area has recently been refurbished and redesigned with beginners, families and children particularly in mind.

St Lary 1900 "Espiaube" is an intermediate area that begins at 1,650 m above sea level at the car park in Espiaube. This is a transitional sector, with blue and red pistes running through it from the upper parts of the resort, and also a sports zone with some excellent red and black runs in the forest on a north facing slope. Saint Lary 1900 has some very long runs of more than 3 km, such as Mirabelle and Terranère, which are among the most popular in the whole resort. Mirabelle is served by two chairlifts and a cable car and has a mountain restaurant which is also accessible to non-skiers.

Moving upwards and crossing the ridge, Saint-Lary 2400, or the "Vallon du Portet" is a true jewel of the skiing world. At an altitude above 2000m, it offers a wide range of pistes, an extraordinary 360° view of the Pyrenees and lots of sunshine. Here we are at the border of the National Park and near Lake Oules.

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Smučišče Saint Lary Soulan

La Téléacabine, FR-65170 Saint lary soulan

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