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Cross-country skiing trails in Gais.
Light forests, snow-covered meadows and moors, gentle hills, pure cross-country skiing pleasure; that's how the cross-country skiing centre of Gais presents itself. Our cross-country skiing area is situated at an altitude of 900 m and can be easily reached by public transport (Appenzeller Bahn to the Rietli stop) or by car. Parking spaces are available at the cross-country skiing area at a reasonable price.

Our cross-country ski trail network, which is suitable for skating and classic skiing, has a total length of 30 km and stretches from Starkenmühle to the meeting point and to Hoher Hirschberg. The trails, which are freshly groomed and maintained daily, lead through a landscape of snow-covered wide meadows and across moors of rare wintry beauty. Short ascents, easy descents and flat terrain offer plenty of variety for both the ambitious cross-country skier and the connoisseur.

When snow conditions are scarce, we prepare a training trail in the area of the Sturmbeiz / Starkenmühle whenever possible.

*Night cross-country ski run
After a long day at work, some people are happy to be able to ski a few more laps on our perfectly groomed night trail. Our track team makes every effort to groom the tracks, including the night track, every day.

The night trail with a length of approx. 3 km is illuminated and open daily until 9 pm. It therefore offers tireless skiers the opportunity to do their laps in the evening as well. The start of the night trail is at the entrance to the cross-country centre at the Sturmbeiz/Starkenmühle.

*Cross-country ski passes
By purchasing your cross-country ski pass from us, you are directly supporting our cross-country skiing organisation and helping us to provide you with the best possible cross-country skiing trails for unadulterated enjoyment.

*Pay once - cross-country ski for the whole winter season!
There is hardly a comparable product in Switzerland at this low price. You pay once for the CH-Pass and can use all cross-country skiing trails in Switzerland during one season. Over 150 cross-country skiing areas with more than 5,000 km of trails invite you to go cross-country skiing.

With the purchase of the cross-country ski pass at the cross-country ski centre Gais you finance a little more than half a track hour, which is about 7 km of groomed cross-country ski track.

We thank you for your support and look forward to welcoming you on our trails.

Source: www.langlauf-gais.ch

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Schweizerischer Langlaufpass CHF 160.00
Saisonkarte Gais CHF 55.00
Tageskarte CHF 10.00
Kinder und Jugendliche bis 16 Jahre (Ausweis) gratis

Quelle: www.langlauf-gais.ch

Postajališča za osvežitev

In der "STURMBEIZ" am Ausgangspunkt der Loipe (GESCHLOSSEN)
Im "HOHEN HIRSCHBERG" auf dem höchsten Punkt unseres Loipennetzes. (offen)
Im "SCHÄFLI" an der Loipe zwischen Sammelplatz und Bären /offen)

Aktualne informacije o tekaških progah

Spletna stran
Loipen Pregled
klasične poti
30 km
Info: www.langlauf-gais.ch Saisonstart. Sobald genügend Schnee auf den Wiesen liegt.
Drsalne steze
30 km
Visokogorske poti
7 km
Abfahrt vom Hohen Hirschberg zum Sammelplatz nur für "Geübte" geeignet.
Osvetljene poti
3 km
Nachtloipe mit Beleuchtung im Rietli, Starkenmühle
Ocenjevanje 3,6
17 Mnenja
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