Tek na smučeh Andermatt - Urserntal

Logotip Andermatt - Urserntal
Logotip Andermatt - Urserntal

The Cross-Country Ski Tracks in the Ursern Valley

The Ursern Valley offers ideal conditions for cross-country skiers. There are a total of 32 kilometers of tracks to explore, suitable for both classic cross-country skiing and skating. The track entrances are located in Andermatt near the Bäzberg underpass (Giessen), at «The Nordic House Andermatt», and in Andermatt Reuss. In Hospental, you can find entrances near the train station, in Zumdorf near the restaurant «Naturstubä», and in Realp at the Biathlon Center, close to the train station. Changing rooms, showers, and toilets are available at the restaurant «Naturstubä», in Realp at the Biathlon Center, and in Andermatt at «The Nordic House Andermatt».

Themed Track
Gloria and her friends Selma and Sämi are crazy about the cold season. Therefore, hibernation is out of question for them. They prefer to spend their free time on the cross-country ski tracks in the Ursern Valley, where they have become true professionals. With the help of five simple practice boards, the animal trio shows how cross-country skiers can improve their technique and have a lot of fun.

The themed track «Auf Gloria's Spuren» is located on the two-kilometer section named «Meer» and is suitable for all small and larger cross-country enthusiasts. The entrance is marked with a large starting board next to «The Nordic House».

For using the tracks in the Ursern Valley, there are day, week, and season passes available. These passes also include the use of the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn between Andermatt and Realp.

The track offerings include:

  • Andermatt Talboden Track
  • Andermatt to Hospental Track
  • Hospental to Zumdorf Track
  • Realp to Zumdorf Track
  • Realp Night Track (daily from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)



Day pass CHF 12.00
Weekly pass CHF 50.00
Season pass Ursern Valley CHF 80.00
Swiss cross-country skiing pass CHF 160.00

Children under the age of 16 are free of charge

Postajališča za osvežitev

Andermatt, Hospental, Zumdorf, Realp

Aktualne informacije o tekaških progah

Spletna stran
+41 41 888 71 00
Loipen Pregled
klasične poti
32 km
Drsalne steze
32 km
Osvetljene poti
2 km
Nachtloipe in Realp täglich 18.00 bis 21.00 Uhr offen
Ocenjevanje 3,9
30 Mnenja
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Meyer's Sporthaus, The Nordic House

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Meyer's Sporthaus, The Nordic House

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