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Smučišče Jeizinen - Feselalpe

1.526 - 2.200m
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Jeizinen - Feselalpe

1.526 - 2.200m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Jeizinen - Feselalpe
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Obratovalni časi Zima

18.12.2021 - 20.03.2022
09:00 - 16:15

Das Skigebiet werden die neuesten Covid19 Massnahmen angewendet und umgesetzt.

Smučarske proge Jeizinen - Feselalpe

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10 km

Smučišče Jeizinen - Feselalpe

Jeizinen / Feselalpe is located on a south-facing slope with a unique view of many four-thousand-meter peaks of the Valais Alps. An insider tip for all nature lovers, you will fall in love with this landscape.

The ski area has recently joined the Magicpass. The Magicpass is only valid in the winter season. The cable car Gampel-Jeizinen is not included in the Magicpass.

The offer is small but nice compared to the big winter sports resorts in Valais. Ideal for those who love something special: Enjoying untouched landscape, far away from hectic and stress.

The chair lift takes you comfortably from Jeizinen to the "Üflänge", starting point for snow hikes, snowshoeing and sled runs; here also starts the big ski lift that takes you up to the upper Feselalpe.

The ski area is situated between 1'700 and 2'200 meters of altitude, the valley descent goes down to 1'500 meters of altitude to the village of Jeizinen. In total, the ski area has 1 chairlift, 2 ski lifts and 2 children's lifts.

On over 10km of slopes, both the beginner and the professional will find ideal slope conditions.

In the restaurant "Üflänge" we serve you lunch and offer from its sun terrace a fantastic view of the Valais mountains.
The restaurant "Trächuhittu" has been completely renovated and offers a seasonal menu. The tenant couple creates excellent dishes a must for every connoisseur. With a magnificent view of the Valais Alps.

A snow bar on the Ueflänge is an ideal place for a pit stop between skiing, for aperitif before lunch ,or just the meeting point for hikers and sledders.

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