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BERGFEX: Smučišče Haideralm - Reschenpass - Smučarski dopust Haideralm - Reschenpass - Wintersportgebiet Haideralm - Reschenpass

Smučišče Haideralm - Reschenpass

Haideralm - Reschenpass

1.473 - 2.500m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Haideralm - Reschenpass

Novosti Haideralm - Reschenpass

Neu: Donnerstag abends geöffnet ab 17:00 Uhr für Skitourengeher und Schneeschuhwanderer - der Berggasthof bietet kulinarische Köstlichkeiten!
(auf Vorbestellung unter oder 0473/634628)

Smučišče Haideralm - Reschenpass

The Haider Alm/Malga San Valentino ski region is one of the most-beautiful ski areas of the Vinschgau/Venosta Valley.

The magnificent winter wonderland is a paradise for sports enthusiasts.
The modern six-seat circulating aerial lift starts in the center of the village in front of the door of your hotel.

With the circulating aerial lift, you ascend from 1,470 to 2,200 meters above sea-level. Once at the top, you'll find five aerial lifts to take you up to 2,700 meters above sea-level. There, you'll be rewarded with 20 km of well-groomed slopes capable of being artificially covered with snow. Beginners and pros, alike, are guaranteed the time of their lives!

With the two country skiarena, skiers of all ages have the opportunity to enjoy the ski areas in North and South Tyrol, from Nauders on the Resia Pass to Solda/Sulden in the Venosta Valley, with no limit. This ticket is valid in six ski areas, providing access to 211 kilometres of slopes. Visitors may choose between a multi-day pass and a season ticket. Other offers include the flexi ski passes, special week prices and family ski passes for unlimited use in the following six ski areas: Belpiano/Schöneben, Malga S. Valentino/Haider Alm, Watles, Solda allOrtles/Sulden am Ortler, Trafoi all'Ortles/Trafoi am Ortler and Nauders in Austria.
The two country skiarena will be available for purchase in all six ski areas.

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9 months ago - floco

Kontakt Smučišče Haideralm - Reschenpass

Smučišče Haideralm - Reschenpass

Haideralm - St. Valentin / Reschenpass
Kirchgasse 28, I-39020 St. Valentin a.d.H.

+39 0473 634 628
Snežni telefon
+39 0473 634628
+39 0473 634170
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