BERGFEX: Smučišče Füssener Jöchle - Grän - Smučarski dopust Füssener Jöchle - Grän

Smučišča Tirolska

Smučišče Füssener Jöchle - Grän

1.206 - 1.823m
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Füssener Jöchle - Grän

1.206 - 1.823m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Füssener Jöchle - Grän
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17.12.2021 - 18.04.2022
09:00 - 16:30

Smučarske proge Füssener Jöchle - Grän

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Smučišče Füssener Jöchle - Grän

Welcome to our ski resort Füssener Jöchle!

Our new 8-passenger gondola guarantees comfort for everybody. We transport 1200 persons per hour via 15 pillars from 1205 m to an altitude of 1821 m. That are 616 m in only 9 minutes.

Our resort also includes 2 altitude ski tows, the Jochalp and the Seben lift (snow-security until the end of April), as well as the double ski tow Schachen with a length of 900 and 965 m. For our ski kids we offer the lift on the Fairy-tale slope.

The snowmaking system was enlarged to cover the entire run into the valley in 2001/2002 and has proved to be a great success. A total of 13 snow cannons provide artificial snow for 250 000 m² of slopes.

Wonderful runs through careful preparation with top modern equipment!

Our ski resort is attractive to the young and the old, it is family- and child-friendly.

Part and parcel of a perfect day spent skiing and snowboarding is, of course, Après Ski. If you want to party go to the Sonnenalm at the mountain station or into the SUM und AUF and the Sonnenhof at the valley station. End your ski and snowboard day in a relaxing and comfortable way.

Our free parking area can be found directly at the valley station Füssener Jöchle and at the Schachen lift near the Sonnenhof.


The 8-passenger gondola is also in operation in summer and a starting point for wonderful hikes.

The top modern technology of our lift system takes you safely into the heart of our beautiful mountain world of Tannheim.

Hiking in all variations:
For walkers and climbers, beginners and experts, children and adults; whether only half-day or all day, adventure or cosy huts here you will find an unspoilt world for the lovers of nature!

Our free parking area can be found directly at the valley station Füssener Jöchle!

Kontakt Smučišče Füssener Jöchle - Grän

Füssener Jöchle - Grän
Füssener Jöchle Straße 8, A-6673 Grän-Haldensee

+43 5675 6363
Snežni telefon
+43 5675 6363
+43 5675 6363 22
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