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Smučišče La Toussuire - Les Sybelles: Smučarski dopust La Toussuire - Les Sybelles - Smučanje La Toussuire - Les Sybelles - Smučanje

Smučišče La Toussuire - Les Sybelles

La Toussuire - Les Sybelles

1.550 - 2.265m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče La Toussuire - Les Sybelles

Novosti La Toussuire - Les Sybelles

Installation d'un cabinet d'ostéopathe
Ski Joëring (ski + cheval)

Smučišče La Toussuire - Les Sybelles

In the heart of the ski area Les Sybelles, La Toussuire offers direct access to the 310 km of linked ski slopes. La Toussuire is the highest most snow secure town in Les Sybelles. It is much newer built then its neighbor Le Corbier and the mainly wood covered buildings have much more charm. The main street and side streets are nice shopping areas but the town is not car free and can be busy at times. La Toussuire has 12,000 tourist beds.

By familial and sportive nature, La Toussuire is the birthplace of Jean-Pierre Vidal, Olympic Champion at Salt Lake City in 2002. In the summer La Toussuire is frequently staged in the Tour de France cycling event.

La Toussuire's name come from the word "tochière" which signifies the "sticks" that were used to herd animals on the alpage before the advent of tourism.


Kontakt Smučišče La Toussuire - Les Sybelles

Smučišče La Toussuire - Les Sybelles

Place Olympique, FR-73300 La Toussuire

+33 (0)4 79 83 06 06
Snežni telefon
+33 (0)33 4 79 83 06 06
+33 (0)4 79 83 02 99
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