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Smučišče Ankogel - Mallnitz: Smučarski dopust Ankogel - Mallnitz - Smučanje Ankogel - Mallnitz - Smučanje

Smučišče Ankogel - Mallnitz

Ankogel - Mallnitz

1.287 - 2.636m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Ankogel - Mallnitz

Snežne razmere

danes, 08:17 130 cm 25 cm 6 od 6
  Hrib Dolina Odprte vlečnice

Novosti Ankogel - Mallnitz

The Ankogel is an excellent freeride area.
The selection of beautiful powder routes ranges from near-piste descents to lonely trails far away from the ski resort.
NEW: Two guided freeride tours per week with certified ski guides!
The days are on the current snow and weather conditions week after week redefined - info at the visitor information in Mallnitz or Tickets cost € 70, - per person, registration at the Ski School Mallnitz under or +43/(0)4784-322.

Smučišče Ankogel - Mallnitz

The Ankogel / Mallnitz resort (2,600 m) profits from the flakes falling on both sides of the main Tauern ridge. It goes without saying that the winter powder and the harder-packed corn snow in spring last a lot longer as a result. One of Carinthia’s highest ski areas, the Ankogel high-altitude mountain cableways lie at over 2,600 m above sea level, making the downhill runs a real delight for winter sports enthusiasts, while the Köfele lifts in the valley below are ideally suited to beginners and learners.
Gentle, and more challenging slopes above the tree line guarantee an enjoyable glide over the glistening white surface. The Ski Hit ski pass is valid across East Tyrol and on the Mölltaler Glacier, while the Top Ski ski pass grants its holders access to resorts across Carinthia and East Tyrol.

Kontakt Smučišče Ankogel - Mallnitz

Smučišče Ankogel - Mallnitz

A-9822 Mallnitz

+43/(0)4784-632 od. +43/(0)4785-8110
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