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Smučišče Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli: Smučarski dopust Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli - Smučanje Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli - Smučanje

Smučišče Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli

Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli

1.378 - 2.517m

Načrt smučarske proge Smučišče Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli

Snežne razmere

06. 04. 2014, 10:02 210 cm 40 cm 0 od 8
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Novosti Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli

Smučišče Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli

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The Moena ski area - only 4 kilometers away from the town. The cableway, inaugurated in 2008, starts from Ronchi, and goes up to "Valbona" which is in a basin where one breathes pure Dolomite air. The various types of lifts (gondolas, skilifts and a large network of modern chairlifts) allow both experts and children alike a taste of the snow on 26 km of runs, always the tops. The Alpe di Lusia is the perfect area for skiing: the North face, towards Moena, is made up of mostly red and black slopes with steep sections that give one the shivers; the South side (Castelir-Bellamonte), is sunnier and quieter, it is the realm of families and of those who are still at the early stages of skiing. It is an avant-garde ski centre offering numerous services: rentals at high altitude, refuges, restaurants, après ski, snowparks to indulge oneself in fantastic freestyle acrobatics, nursery slopes and a fully equipped baby park, managed by the local Ski School, for the youngest children.
From the 2.200m of "Le Cune" one admires an incredible panorama over the Dolomites: Latemar, Catinaccio-Rosengarten (Heritage by Unesco) with the unmistakable profile of Roda de Vael, the Gruppo dei Monzoni and the majestic pinnacles of the Pale di San Martino. Try the TreValli ski tour.

Kontakt Smučišče Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli

Smučišče Alpe Lusia - Bellamonte / Trevalli

Strada Loewy, 42, I-38035 Moena

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